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Project Skills Newsletter Issue #2 - 5 Ways To Get Domain Knowledge In Banking
December 18, 2013


Welcome to Issue #2 of my Project Skills Newsletter.

1. Featured Article

Hello and welcome to my site! You know, I’ve always advocated the importance of domain knowledge to anyone who is running projects or part of a project team. I’ve previously written about domain knowledge here and here.

In this article, I’d like to provide more perspectives on how you can acquire domain knowledge in banking so that you can gain more credibility in your projects.

Banking is a HUGE industry and many of the projects you’ll get into involve banks one way or another ...

Click here to read more.

2. Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is to adapt your PM style. If you're in project management, you'll know that's aging stakeholders is a huge part of your job scope.

Now, what I've seen some project managers do is to "force fit" a certain project management style on their stakeholders and project teams. That doesn't always work out very well.

I once saw a young, brash project manager who thought he knew everything. He offended stakeholders, forced everything to take his viewpoints, and was generally very abrasive.

Guess the success rate of his projects? That's right - very low.

I find that as a PM, you have to ADAPT yourself to different stakeholders and project team members.

The same style doesn't work for everyone.

One folks need a soft, conciliatory approach. With others, you need to be forceful and assertive.

The PM who can adapt his to her style to suit different conditions is the PM who will succeed.

3. Book of the Week

Each week, I pick out one book related to project management, business analysis or project delivery.

My book of the week this week is "The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management".

I first picked up a copy of this book when I started out my PM career. I think I was fortunate to pick it up and grasp some of the concepts inside.

Why? Because this book has gone on to become one of the bestselling books ever published on the topic of project management.

Here are a few of my observations on why it's so good:

  • It includes all PM basics on defining, planning, and tracking a project
  • It covers "softer" but important skills such as as well as building stronger project teams
  • Excellent chapters on stakeholder management and team building
  • It's updated with content like agile techniques and project selection
  • It has plenty of tips and downloads. The back of chapters have lots of free stuff
  • It's useful for those preparing for the PMP exam
  • It' perfect for beginners or experienced managers needing a refresher

So do check out this book if you have the time!

Final Thoughts

I hope you have a great week. If you have any questions, send feel free to send me an email. Talk to you soon!

Very Respectfully,
Gary Tan
Author, Project Manager & Business Analyst

P.S. Check out my tips and resources for the PM and BA.

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