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Project Skills Newsletter Issue #7 - How Hard Is It To Get A Job In Investment Banking?
November 25, 2014


Welcome to Issue #7 of my Project Skills Newsletter. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Are you interested in working in a bank? More specifically, are you interested in working for an investment bank? One of the questions I often get on this website is this: "How hard is it to get a job in investment banking?" There are variants of this question, e.g. getting into private banking, retail banking and such - but the essence is the same.

Getting a job in investment banking is not easy. I live here in Singapore and it is probably one of the most buoyant employment markets in Asia right now.

Even so, I see graduates and mid-career professionals struggling to get into the likes of UBS, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, CitiGroup or Deutsche Bank ...

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3. Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is about getting a banking job in Singapore.

I recall when I was 7 years into my IT consulting job (with a major American IT services provider) - I realized I wanted to get into the banking industry to learn domain skills.

At the time, one of the websites I relied a lot on was eFinancialCareers.

Compared to other sites like JobsDB, eFinancialCareers posts some really good opportunities. I also find their insights into the banking industry very useful.

If you're in the market for a banking job, make sure you check out eFinancialCareers!

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have a great week ahead! If you have any questions, send feel free to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Very Respectfully,
Gary Tan
Author, Project Manager & Business Analyst

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