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Project Skills Newsletter Issue #11 - Why Domain Knowledge Is Important In Project Management
January 06, 2015


Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!
Welcome to Issue #11 of my Project Skills Newsletter - I hope you'll enjoy this issue.

1. Writing A Guidebook on Business Analysis

Many of you have written in to me via my website, asking about Business Analysis as a career path:

  • Some of you wonder if Business Analysis is a good career fit.

  • Others wanted to understand how people have successfully switched to a BA career from areas like IT, Finance and Testing.

  • And many of you wanted to know what skills, certifications and domain / industry knowledge are required to excel in a BA role.

To answer your questions, I've decided to write a guidebook on Business Analysis!

This will be a practical, easy-to-read guidebook that will help you find your best path to business analysis – one that leverages your unique skills, experiences and career background to your advantage.

It will contain detailed Business Analyst career tips that have never been published anywhere.

Do watch this space for more information on the book!

2. Featured Article: Why Domain Knowledge Is Important In Project Management

In case you've not noticed, domain knowledge is now becoming very important in the project manager's skillset. Don't believe me? Head over to this link and check out the project manager job listings.

How many of the job listings say something along the lines of "Retail banking domain knowledge a strong advantage"? Or "Knowledge in Trading System ABC is a must"?

Gone are the days when all you needed was to pick up “generic PM skills” (i.e. stakeholder management, project governance, knowledge of templates, PM processes).

These days, to get into a PM job in a bank, for example, you need domain knowledge ...

Click here to read more.

3. More Articles

5 different ways to get domain knowledge in banking
Learn about 5 different ways to get domain knowledge in banking.

Learn about the salary range of a business analyst
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Lists the 5 critical skills every project manager must have in order to successfully deliver projects.

The career path of an it project manager
Discusses the career path of an IT project manager and what roles he or she can play.

5 tips for getting the attention of your project sponsor
Here are 5 tips for getting the attention of your project's sponsor.

For more articles, be sure to visit

4. Tip of the Week

My tip this week is to engage your project stakeholders.

If you're a Project Manager or Business Analyst, it can be very tempting to just sit at your desk and assume your project stakeholders understand and buy into your project.

For me, I've learnt that this is never a good assumption to make.

Your project stakeholders are very busy people and they have precious little time to understand what your project is trying to achieve.

Do yourself and the project a favor and engage your stakeholders!

I like to take my stakeholders out for a coffee to discuss their views and concerns about the project. I also try to give them little tokens of appreciation during festive seasons, using the project budget where appropriate.

Do this enough and I guarantee you will get very smooth project sign-offs from your stakeholders at the end of the project!

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have a great week ahead! If you have any questions, send feel free to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.


Very Respectfully,
Gary Tan
Author, Project Manager & Business Analyst

P.S. Check out my tips and resources for the PM and BA.


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