The IT Professional's Guide To
Banking Domain Knowledge

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If you’re an IT professional looking to break into banking, you may face an uphill struggle. These days, banks prefer to hire candidates who understand both IT and the banking domain. Pure IT knowledge is no longer enough.

IT Professional's Guide To Banking Domain Knowledge

Here are some common questions you may have about Project Management:

  • What is banking domain knowledge?
  • What is banking domain knowledge? How do I start gaining banking domain experience and knowledge?
  • What courses or certifications should you take to increase your banking domain knowledge?
  • How much banking domain knowledge do I need?
  • What is the difference between Retail Banking, Corporate and SME Banking, Investment Banking and Private Banking?
  • How do banks make money?
  • What are the key client segments of banks, e.g. Mass Affluent, High-Net Worth, Ultra High-Net Woth?
  • What are the key products and services offered by banks, e.g. Deposits, Loans, Securities, Structured Products, Funds, etc.
  • What are the key departments and processes in a bank, e.g. Channel Management, Sales and Distribution, Client Management, Product Management, Operations, Finance, IT, HR, etc.
  • What are the key systems used by a bank, e.g. Core Banking systems, Treasury systems, Loan Origination Systems, Business Intelligence Solutions, Finance Systems, etc.
  • What are the key banking regulations affecting banks today? Basel, Mi-FiD, banking secrecy, investment suitability, FATCA?

These are all good questions and I answer them in my guidebook, "Banking Domain Knowledge for IT Professionals".

This book will help you understand banking domain basics so that you can be credible when working on a banking project or when interviewing for a position in a bank. This 135-page PDF guidebook explains banking from front-to-back – so that you will no longer struggle with basic concepts and terms.

There are probably already many guidebooks on the Banking Domain out in the market. How is my book different? My book will help you:

  • Get an overview of the Banking Industry. Many banking guidebooks give you 1,000 pages of detail on e.g. Bank Risk Management or Banking Operations (the Wiley Finance series come to mind). That’s too much detail! What you need is a basic overview of the entire industry – which my book provides. You’ll want to know banking models, clients, products and services, processes and systems at a high level. Then, with that knowledge, you can then delve deeper into specific topics if you so choose.
  • Understand What Formal Banking Accreditations You Need. My book provides you tips on the best courses to take to improve your banking domain knowledge. Some banking courses are good but they don’t give you a formal accreditation – which you can put in your resume and showcase to an employer. Credentials like the CFA, MFE, FRM, Masters in Finance, etc. are much better (I’ve done a part-time MFE myself). I show you the pros and cons of each of these courses.
  • Get Out of IT and Break Into Banking. There is a lot of hiring happening in Asia for Banking Project Managers, Business Analysts, Test Managers and Consultants. The banking industry is still hot, even after the 2009 financial crisis – and it continues to pay well. If you’re in IT and in another industry, you can position yourself to break into Banking. It’s a matter of identifying your cross-industry skills and putting them into your resume and showcasing your expertise to employers. My book will show you how.

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